The FBAS is pleased to introduce three series of information sheets aimed at taking the problems out of fishkeeping.


Attendant with its primary aim of promoting the fishkeeping hobby, the FBAS also has a duty to ensure that fishes are kept in captivity under the best conditions possible. (See also CODES OF PRACTICE)

With these Care Sheets, responsible caring for fishes is positively, and actively, encouraged.

These Care Sheets are organised into two distinct areas - on one hand, both subjects of AQUARIUM MANAGEMENT and POND MANAGEMENT are addressed to give basic guidance on the actual day-to-day keeping of fish in the home or garden.
The information in this section also includes the important conservational aspect of captive breeding so that less and less fishes need to be taken from the wild.

It is also recognisd that a substantial part of the hobby involves competitive exhibiting and here, too, responsible care and attention must be exercised.

FISH CARE SHEETS provide information on the basic aquarium needs for the full range of freshwater fishes now popularly being kept by aquarists. Where certain species are known to be 'problem fishes' (perhaps through a feeding problem) or where some species are likely to simply outgrow the average sized aquarium, these facts will be given in order to discourage the keeping of such species.

Please click on the headings above to go to your chosen subject area and select the aquarium or pond topic or the fish Family of your choice.

Should you wish to have a 'hard copy' of the information, rather than simply view it on the computer screen, each Care Sheet is available in downloadable PDF option form which can then be printed.

You will need Acrobat Reader. You can download it HERE

  The Federation thanks all those contributing to these Care Sheets

Last updated December, 2021