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                                           Large Catfish (2)

Genera : Synodontis, Microsynodontis

Family : Mochokidae

Geographic Origin : Africa. Nile, Cameroon, Chad, Gambia, Sudan, Zaire.

Common Names : Cuckoo Syno, Upside-down Catfish, Angel Syno.

Compatibility : Some of the larger species may cause problems but generally
                       they are OK with most species of fish.

Minimum aquarium size : The smaller species can be accommodated in a
                                     600 x 380 x 300mm (24" x 15" x 12") tank.
                                     They, and the larger species, will be better in a
                                     1200 x 380 x 300mm (48" x 15" x 12") tank.

Temperature : In the range of 20o to 260C.

Habitat : Well planted tanks with plenty of rockwork for hiding places.

Water Parameters : Some of these species come from soft water areas others
                              from very hard water areas. It is recommended that you
                              research the locality of the species and provide the
                              appropriate conditions, before purchasing them.

Health : Some species are susceptible to Velvet Disease (Oodinium) generally
             brought on by stress. Medication may be necessary.
             It is sometimes possible to treat the affected fish whilst in the
             aquarium and not need to use an isolation tank.

Diet : These fish are generally nocturnal so special provision should be made
          for feeding them. Most are omnivorous.

      Plants : All tropical plants are generally suitable although some small
           specimens may be uprooted by the fishes' foraging actions.

Breeding Notes : Synodontis nigriventris is among the few Synodontis that
                          have bred in captivity.

Availability : A fairly wide selection of species is usually available, though
                     more often in specialist shops.

Show Class : F.B.A.S. Show Class G

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