Federation Judges are graded 'A', 'B' or 'C' Tropical, Coldwater, Marine or any combination of the three. 'TS' (Table Show Judges) are not graded for any particular group of classes.

'A', 'B' and 'C' class Judges are identified by their Red Judges Badge.
'TS' by their Orange Badge.

An 'A' Class Judge has undertaken - and passed - the Federation's Judge Training and Test assessment courses.
'B' Class Judges are in the process of taking the full Federation's Judge Training and Test assessment courses and has passed the 'B' Class test previously having judged for two years as a 'C' Class Judge at local Table and Closed Shows.
'C' Class Judges are on the first rung of the ladder and are also in the process of taking the full Federation's Judge Training and Test assessment courses. Both 'B' and 'C' judges need the support of local Societies to enable them to obtain the judging experience for them to obtain the standard required for 'A' Class grading.
'TS' Table Show Judges do not undertake any Federation formal training and are a grade of Judges introduced by the Judges & Standards Committee (J&S) to afford recognition and status to those Aquarists who are willing to give a service to local Societies, but do not have the time to undertake full Federation Judge Training.


'A' Class Judges are graded to judge at any type of Show.
'B' Class Judges are eligible to judge Open Shows in the presence of 'A' Class Judges.
Societies may engage them at a ratio of one 'B' Class to every two 'A' Class.
The 'B' Class Judges will judge their classes in their own right and their decisions will be official.
They will not be paired with either 'A' or 'B' Class Judges unless the Show Rules require this.

Currently, invitation to judge online Virtual Open Shows
is at the discretion of the J & S Committee.


Any grade of Judge, or person seeking Judge Grading, may be engaged to judge Closed, Inter-Society or Table Shows. It is noted that too few Societies are booking 'C' Class Judges for these Shows, and some are using people who are neither Judges nor intend seeking Judge status. If Societies wish to have access to a fully trained panel of Judges in the future, then it is their own interest to give both 'B' and 'C' Class Judges the experience they need to enable them to pass their upgrading tests.

Society Closed, Inter-Society or Table Shows
are the training grounds for our future Judges.

The same can be said for on-line Virtual Open Shows.


The Society makes direct contact with the Judge or Speaker, financial details are a matter of mutual agreement. Unless a Judge or Speaker is well known it is always advisable to ascertain any fee and/or travelling expenses before making any final arrangements.


Prior to booking Speakers associated with the aquatic trade or other manufacturing companies you must always obtain details of any fee and/or expenses required.

Some trade speakers may not be supported by their Company when lecturing to Societies and therefore may arrange to undertake engagements on a private independent basis with subsequent fees and expenses demanded.

Always write on Society Headed paper, to the Company, rather than the individual; this will ensure an "official" reply detailing the Company's policy on providing speakers to aquatic Societies and the cost involved.


a) Enclose a S.A.E. when writing to a Judge or Speaker.
b) Ensure that the Judge or Speaker knows where your Society meets, the date and time. A local map is most essential.
c) Provide some for of refreshment for the Judge or Speaker (non-alcohol) they may be driving.
d) Keep Society business to a minimum or, better still, deal with it at the end of the meeting after the Judge or Speaker has left. He no doubt has further to travel than the members.


Should a Society feel that the fee or travelling expenses asked unreasonable, or that the Judge or Speaker did not come up to the Federation's Standard, then write to the J&S including all the relevant documents and letters.

If, after enclosing an S.A. E. a Judge or Speaker fails to reply, adopt the following:

Write a further letter enclosing a copy of the first, sending by recorded delivery requesting a reply.
If no reply Is received within 14 days place the matter in the hands of the J&S, again including all the relevant documents and letters.


An affiliated Society may recommend to the J&S any Aquarist it feels it would benefit the Federation as either a Judge or Speaker, having first obtained the person's agreement to do so.
The Society must have first hand knowledge of their nominee's Judging or Speaking ability.
The Society should forward the name and address of their nominee to the J&S who will take up the matter from there on.

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Last updated December 2021