Membership of the FBAS is by SOCIETY ONLY.
We are currently examining the possibilities for individual membership.

If you are interested in joining your local Society please email us your name and address. We will forward this to the Secretary of the Society nearest to you who will then contact you with details of their meetings. Alternatively you might find a Society near you by visiting our Member Societies page.

Applications for Full Membership of the FBAS are welcomed from Societies which actively support the ideals and aims of the Federation and which are within recognised, full serviceable areas. Dual Affiliation Membership is at the discretion of the FBAS Council.
The Annual Affiliation Fee is now based on a two-tier system.

The current Annual Affiliation Fee for Full Membership is £16.00 for Societies willing to accept electronic mailings (email) from the FBAS.

The current Annual Affiliation Fee for Full Membership is £18.00 for Societies wishing to receive postal communications from the FBAS.

As not all of the Federation's many services, enjoyed by Societies in the UK, can be practicably extended to Societies, hundreds (or even thousands) of miles away, the FBAS also offers its services to such Societies on a necessarily reduced scale. Membership is available (subject to successful application) to any OVERSEAS Aquarist Society meeting on a regular basis.

Such Member Societies will receive news of all FBAS activities, Minutes of Meetings, discounted hire rates for Aqua Talks & Videos, details of Merchandising, downloadable copies of new Federation publications and the BULLETIN.
Overseas Members do have have a right to vote on any FBAS matter.

This expansion of the Federation's services, means that any aquarists can be made to feel 'at home' whenever visiting any FBAS area within the U.K.
The current Annual Membership Fee for Overseas Societies is:

£19.00 (email) OR £:21.00 (postal)

(payable in Sterling, please), plus appropriate supplementary postage
(Air or Surface Mail) on any merchandising ordered.

For further information on FBAS membership (by SOCIETY ONLY) please contact us by e-mail.

Download an appropriate AFFILIATION FORM HERE

Last updated October 2019