If your memory's not as good as it used to be, or you've simply got no head for facts then these pages are for you.

Here you'll find some tips and tricks, plus some old facts and figures to help you calculate all manner of things from pond volumes to Brine Shrimp hatching salinities.

How Many Fish in a Tank?

Why Not Form Your Own Society?

Water Quality

pH Facts

Hardness Facts

Nitrogen Cycle

Seawater Facts

Weights & Measures

Cloudy Water

Marine Matters

Pond Calculations

All About Brine Shrimp

Know Your Fish

Green Water & Blanketweed Problems

Basic Filter Facts

Fish Shows - What are They All ABout?

Planting the Pond

'Maturing' & 'Curing'

Pond Plant Names

Fishes' Lifespans

Chloramines Explained

Hobby Magazine Contacts

Pass the Salt!

Dealing with Herons

These pages were last updated
            April, 2007

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