It was a great honour and a privilege to be invited to judge the Supreme.

What a challenge to judge 83 virtual entries, and congratulations to all that qualified.
It was quite difficult to arrive at the top six as all the entries were of a very high standard.

During this venture we had nearly 200 entries over the period of time, and the judges must have had
a difficult time judging all the entries in Show conditions that were new to us. Thank you all.

Many congratulations to the 77 that did not make my final six!! They were all really great fish
and all winners in their own right. Thanks to all the exhibitors at home and abroad for your
support to the Federation.

Thanks to Alan and Dick for the hard work in running the Shows, a lot of unseen work went on in
staging these events - again, new skills were needed, thanks guys.

Lastly, thanks to Fish Science and Ferrybridge Aquatics for sponsoring the Shows.

Keith Cocker (Chairman, FBAS)

My top six places (figure indicates Entry Number) in the Supreme are:

See videos of the winners HERE
1-20                   21-40                    41-60                   61-80                   81-83
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