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Founded in 1938, the Federation of British Aquatic Societies (FBAS) is the largest fishkeeping-orientated organisation in the UK.

The FBAS provides backing for Societies' Shows. Affiliated Societies can apply for a Show Pack containing Tank Labels, Place Stickers, Judging Sheets, etc. for their Show. We store, coordinate and distribute aquatic goods offered by sponsors in support of Societies.

FBAS Championship Classes are available for Shows (held to FBAS Show Rules) with a Trophy supplied - all a Society pays is a small handling charge on top of its annual Affliation Fee. Winners and runners-up in these Classes qualify for the coveted 'Supreme Championship' held every year at the FBAS-organised Festival of Fishkeeping.

Best in Show winners at Fish Shows across the country (regardless of allegiance of Show Rules) qualify for entry to the Federation's British Open Fish Competition.

The FBAS Show Rules and Show Standards are superb. JUDGES, trained and graded by the Federation, officiate at all levels of competitive showing from Table Show to Open Show. Monthly meetings of the Judges and Standards Committee ensure that every latest development and trend is taken into consideration for the continuing quality of the Show Rules.

The FBAS has a wide range of useful and informative PUBLICATIONS available, many of which are freely downloadable from this website.
These not only include a wide selection of aquatic subjects, the ever popular top-selling Booklet No 6, the National Show Fish Sizes but also cover such topics as Forming a Society and the Organisation of Open Shows.
Obviously, if you're reading this, you've already found our website, but it does contain a wealth of easily-updated information about all our services including details of Judges, Speakers, Audio-visual programmes, Shows and Events Calendar and Places of Aquatic Interest!

Our SPEAKERS, all experienced fishkeepers, are available for talks at Society meetings.
Member Societies enjoy FREE HIRE of VIDEOS; these programmes are also available to non-affiliated Societies at very reasonable hire rates.

Past issues of the Federation's now discontinued quarterly magazine, THE BULLETIN, are available electronically as, due to the universal growth of social media, the Federation depends much more on its website for easy communication to Societies, Judges and Speakers, and to individual fishkeepers.

Every three months, the FBAS holds a GENERAL ASSEMBLY MEETING at which Delegates can debate (and vote on) matters of aquatic interest pertaining to Societies' interests.

The FBAS enjoys healthy co-operation with other similar aquatic organisation both in the UK and abroad. A standardised set of aquarium fish sizes has been agreed which allows the exhibiting aquarist to travel to aquatic events with confidence. This is particularly appreciated at large aquatic events that the Federation traditional stages on an annual basis.

Through its continuing efforts, even during the very restrictive COVID pandemic, the FBAS actively maintained a level of interactive, online competitive activity with its introduction of Virtual Open Shows.
It continues to be seen to be encouraging responsible fishkeeping, no matter what area of interest - or level of proficiency - is involved and offers free advice to everyone.

In keeping with current legislation concerning Animal Welfare, the Federation has produced extensive CARE SHEETS and CODES OF PRACTICE so that fish in the home aquarium or garden pond, at Shows or even in Society Auctions are given the best of care.

We can tell you where your nearest Society is or, alternatively, if there isn't one close enough, we'll even tell you how to form one!

For full information about the FBAS, please contact:

256 Market Street, Eastleigh, Hants SO50 5QB
tel: 02380 904200 or email


Last updated December 2021